Drift Up: A month of weekend travel

August 2015 has been/is full of travel for weddings and training and I apologize for not keeping you more in the loop about when I was/will be away, but tonight I have amended that!  On the eve of heading to Lake George for two of our dear friends' nuptials, I have finally listed my wonderful wonderful subs for you.  Many of us like to travel during this month to get out of the sweltering heat of the city (although the past couple of days have been just gorgeous) so to make up for all the classes I'm not teaching, I've picked up as many as possible so we can still see each other during the week!  How does that sound??  Click on the Classes link to see the list and get ready for Fall schedules to come out at Crunch Gyms in September!  Looking at a very full schedule of teaching and I CANNOT WAIT to have you join me!