Taylor Swift

Tune Up: I love covers!

I love hearing artists cover other artists.  It's an acknowledgment of inspiration.  We all get inspired by each other, taking pieces of ideas, words, melodies, movement, etc and then adding a bit of ourselves to them.  As I've gotten older, I've learned that inspiration comes from everyone and everywhere.  I used to think that "creativity" had to completely come from within me with nothing that remotely seemed like it could possibly be something from someone else and I would get so hung up on the tiniest details that any burst of creativity or imagination would get immediately sucked into the black hole void of self-doubt.  It didn't matter what it was: playing the piano, drawing in art class, choreographing a dance, writing a song.  I couldn't shake off the self-doubt.  What if my drawing looks like someone else's?  So-and-so just did that move in their class last week, I can't put that in my dance this week.  This melody sounds just like the one part of the verse from this one song.  There are definitely still times in my life that the self-doubt monster is stronger than my freedom to play and be me, but those instances are fewer and farther between as I let go of others' perceptions of me and my own sense of ego in those perceptions and focus on just being me, knowing that what I have to offer is plenty and that I am enough.  When I take a verbal cue, or a piece of a yoga sequence, or ask an instructor what that bomb-ass jam they're using is, I think of it as inspiration.  We inspire each other to form a deeper and more connected community.  I no longer worry that they'll think I'm "copying" them.  Remember feeling that way in high school? Someone would wear the same shirt as someone else, even if it was just a T-shirt from the Gap, and the sentiment was, "Ugh, she/he's copying me."  It is unbelievable how deep and far that feeling has thrived into my adult life, but all I need is progress, not perfection and we're definitely on the way!  

Deep down, I'm a Pop Princess.  I always felt that I couldn't let people know that, like it wasn't cool to like what everyone else liked, but I'm here to tell you that I love Top 40.  It just makes me happy!  Simple as that.  This Taylor Swift cover of Riptide made me smile.  It's 100% not her song, but it is still 100% her.  It's her vocalization, it's her feeling the sentiment behind the lyrics.  You can be roused and inspired by someone else's work, but still hold on to what make you uniquely you.