Live Up: Do what you love

So this post is going to sound like endless bragging and I'm not one bit ashamed. I get to do what I love on a daily basis, travel for work, and occasionally be on camera so my degree in Theater Arts isn't a complete waste. I've spent many years on my life's journey feeling like I'm not... quite... there... yet. And now, I feel balanced, grateful, content. This is not just a result of what I get to do for a living, but also the mindset that my yoga practice has helped put me in. The classes I teach are all ones that I love. I get to travel all over the place as a POUND® Master Pro and teach instructors how to empower their students with this loud and badass workout. And Crunch Gyms has always been so good to me, letting me do PR for them and making me feel like a star! Here's the latest on Antigravity® Cocooning: 

The path here hasn't alway been easy, but I have learned so much along the way and I don't intend to ever stop learning and growing. I've learned when to say no, that not every opportunity is actually right for me. I've learned to only teach what I'm truly passionate about because your students can always tell when your heart's not 100% in it. I've learned about the strange and wondrous support of the world of social media (which I still struggle to use). I've learned about how the body moves and how the mind ensnares you. I've learned from books, I've learned from friends, and I've learned from my students. Do I ever question this particular segment of my journey? Sure. There are times I see a Broadway show or a particularly moving acting performance on tv or in a movie and I can't help but wonder 'what if'. What if I had worked harder at pursuing the dream that originally brought me to New York?Would my life be different or the same? The mind can't help itself, questioning the past and anticipating the future. All I can do is acknowledge my crazy mind and say, "Yes Yes, little mind, wonder away, but what good is it doing you?" The answer is always the same, Nothing!  It's so silly and so simple all at the same time!  

Our paths, our journeys are ever-evolving and ever-changing. All we can control is how we live and act and react in this precise moment. If we can get our heads out of our phones and actually show up to our lives, we can see that everything is beautiful! No filters necessary.